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    Juan Sanchez- Something

    click here to listen/buy Juan Sanchez-Something(Incl. DJN Project Remix)ON TRAXSOURCE

    click here to listen/buy Juan Sanchez-Something(Incl. DJN Project Remix)ON STOMPY

    click here to listen/buy Juan Sanchez-Something(Incl. DJN Project Remix)ON DJN PROJECT

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    Newav Media steps out with style as the label presents its first release from an artist other than founders DJN Project. This time Newav looks to the south and captures Orlando's proponent of the deep Juan Sanchez. Juan is a serious up-and-comer, working with the duo Step Mode and releasing on the Soul Selection Music label. For his Newav debut Juan delivers "Something," a rhythmic house track that pops with honed influences from tech-house and deep tribal sounds. Warm, liquid-y pads push the build as the beats get more intense, leading into a powerful breakdown. A sultry female voice wisps into the mix with ethereal phrases adding to the already exotic feel. Says Juan about the track, "It's inspired by the feeling that music transcends through you and connects directly to your emotions … to remember the moment in time that something in the air or something in the sound stays with you." This one's a prime dance-floor mover.

    The talented DJN Project enter into the fray delivering a remix that deepens things a bit, attaching a soulful edge to the proceedings. Their Soultech Mix deftly balances the sleek, synthesized elements of the original on a more organic backbone, creating a bit of after-hours joy. This mix shows DJN Project branching out a bit with their sound, confirming their heavyweight status in the world of house music producers. Finally, New York's Danny "Buddah" Morales presents his newsworthy Hurricane Mix, showcasing his classic big city sound. Danny has been releasing records since the mid-90's as evidenced by the confidence and feel of his take on "Something." It's a version that wouldn't sound out of place in the most historic of NYC house music clubs. Seriously pounding funky rhythms, insistent chord stabs, and a smattering of old school vocal samples bring this version to the peak time playlist.


    Juan Sanchez - Something
    Produced By Jaun Sanchez
    Publishing: Juan T Sanchez (BMI)

    DJN Project's (Soultech)
    Danny BUDDAH Morales (Hurricane Mix)

    Newav Media LLC 2011
    Licensing contact
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