Finally, the time for Timequake has come! After almost two years after the original mix of the track Dopamine has been produced by a Slovenian dub techno duo Timequake, the release was published on September 11th 2011 by Retrospective Zoology. Beside the the original mix the release features a dub techno version and seven remixes by artists, such as Organon, Optic_, Fingers in the noise, Substituent, vs/Kurayami, and Sonitus eco, respectively.

1. Dopamine (Original mix)
2. Dopamine (Dubtechno version)
3. Dopamine (Organon remix)
4. Dopamine (Optic_ remix)
5. Dopamine (Fingers in the noise remix)
6. Dopamine (Substituent reconstrux)
7. Dopamine (vs/Kurayami break remix)
8. Dopamine (vs/Kurayami dubtechno remix)
9. Dopamine (Sonitus eco remix)


Some YT clips:

Original mix writen by Andraz Draščič Miko and Peter Jenko Vennett
Dub techno version arranged by Peter Jenko
Mastered and compiled by Andraz Draščič Miko
Published on Retrospective Zoology Net-Label in september 2011. All rights reserved Cat. no. RZR003

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