Dj Hollywood was the very first MC to touch the mic in-front of a live crowd in 1971 at A Bunch of Grapes and Charles Gallery in Harlem(Hollywood was also the first cat to record his live throwdowns on tape in 1972 too), Mad cat owe the utmost of repect to Hollywood for setting the trend, Style, Cadence, Delivery, Finesse to rock a party, 'LIVE', Since 1971, Infact, Every MC out of New York from 1971 on, Bit Hollywood's style and most defintely's Hollywood's

Rhymes(Money would be sittin on billions of dollars if Hollywood's rhymes we're copywritten with the library of Congress/LOL), Hollywood also was the very first MC to sing on the mic during the early/mid 70's too, Hollywood started out as a dancer and singer during the late 60's/early 70's in Harlem(Hollywood was well-known for rockin the Spanish Hustle which was different from the regualar hustle that was more popular during the early/mid 70's in New York City), One of my

Fondest memories of Hollywood(And they're we're many/LOL), Was the very first time i seen Hollywood rock a party at Morningside Park(123rst and Moringside Drive In Harlem), In 1974(After a basketball game called, 'People's Park', Which i had played in earlier during the day before Hollywood touch the mic, The first time Hollywood rocked at Club 371(Legendary hiphop spot in the Bronx from 1976-1980), Was very memorable to me, Because that was the first time i had

Seen Nicky Barnes and Guy Fisher upclose in 1976/LOL, Hollywood rockin at the Fantasia(Merrick Blvd off of Linden Blvd in Jamaica,Queens during the late 70's to early 80's), In 1978 was Memorable to me because Hollywood was the first cat from uptown/Harlem to rock in Queens in 1978, Lovebug Starski was the first cat from the Bronx to rock in Queens in 1978 a few weeks after Hollywood then Eddie Chebba rocked at the Fantasia, Le'Chelet and IS.8 in 1978, Hollywood

Was the also the first to rhyme and mix at the same time during the mid 70's(I seen Hollywod rhyme and mix/blend at the sametime in 1974), Also, Hollywood was the very first cat in hiphop to G-up 2-G's a night during the mid 70's to early 80's, Whenever Hollywood would rock a party in New York City), Infact, Cats

With hit plates/records used to and still do give Hollywood the utmost of respect going back 1971 in New York, Hollywood's impact and contributions have been extremely important to the development of the hiphop movemment thru the mid 70's to late 70's, Which was changed into rap music in 1979 by reocrd companies when, 'Rapper's Delight', Came out in August/September of 1979 on SugarHill).

Much Respect
Mike Barnes

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