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    Dance Is A Feeling

    Hey guys, new video series! Dance Is A Feeling Records is coming soon, too! I'll share all Dance Is A Feeling videos and music on this thread to keep it manageable. Tweet/Facebook/Pinterest whatever you find worthwhile. I'm on Twitter as @DannyDance; come play!

    Dance Is A Feeling Episode 001 - Vagabond Miami, Muscle Pull, Lofting
    Danny pulls a muscle while lofting at The Vagabond | Miami FEB 2012

    Dance Is A Feeling Episode 002 - Jerkin', Shuffle Step, Ben & Jerry's
    A little kid teaches Danny how to 'Jerk' in exchange for a House Dance move (the Shuffle). Fun! | Sunrise FEB 2012

    Find me on twitter. #danceisafeeling
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