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Thread: Justin Long, Boo Williams, John Simmons, Mark Almaria&More This Saturday, March 31st

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    Justin Long, Boo Williams, John Simmons, Mark Almaria&More This Saturday, March 31st

    Djs Justin Long, Boo Williams of The Strictly Jazz Unit, John Simmons, Mark Almaria and Karl Almaria Tag Team Set Along With Czarina Mirani This Saturday March 31st at Grandbar 1600 W. Grand. Free Vodka Drinks 10p till 11p.
    text me To RSVP To Get in For $5 Before 12am and $10 After Till 5am. 312 208 7458

    Happy Birthday Andy, Desiree and Don Quijote.

    Allay Soul, Doin It Doin It Productions and Grandbar Present:

    Justin Long
    Wasted Chicago Youth

    Justin Long has been abusing sound systems as a DJ around the world for nearly two decades. Born in Chicago, July 8th, at 8:08 a.m. could possibly signify the reason he was drawn to the sound of the beats and bass at such an early age. He credits the Roland 808 drum machine as one of the most important tools in electronic music.

    Justin first came across the sounds of Chicago dance music when he was sitting shotgun in his mother’s car at an early age. Upon fiddling with the radio, he found himself paralyzed as “Can’t Stop the House” flowed through the WBMX airwaves into his young ears…He did not realize at the time that this sound was actually a symbiotic organism that was bonding with him!

    Justin credits his earliest musical influences to television and his mother. Justin recalls being mesmerized, watching the Sex Pistol’s Johnny Rotten belt out “Anarchy in the U.K.” in addition to Adam Ant on a show about rock and roll. His mom then gave him her copies of the Sex Pistol’s Never Mind the Bollocks and The Clash’s London Calling.
    At that moment, a journey into the vortex of punk rock music was set for exploration! His later musical influences were drawn from Joy Division, Green Velvet, Derrick Carter, Talking Heads, Nitzer Ebb and anything else that defied the norm.

    Justin spent most of his childhood in Chicago's urban concrete jungle skateboarding, buying punk records, reading comic books and riding the trains around the city, admiring the once colorfully graffitied Chicago transit system.

    About the age of 14, Justin and his friends made Medussa’s, the popular all ages juice bar, a weekly Saturday night pilgrimage, where a mixture of punk, new wave, industrial, acid house, hip house and techno was played. His growing thirst for electronic music was satiated by the decision to purchase a pair of belt drive turntables as there was no other venue to hear these sounds, unless he brought the party into his own home.

    Justin started exploring loft parties around the city and spending almost every day and every dollar at the famous Gramaphone Records, where he eventually found himself employed. Shortly after selling his own mix tapes, he was asked to DJ at underground parties, guest and resident club spots around Chicago and beyond, alongside DJs he had respected and befriended in the scene.

    Justin was the founding resident DJ on Q101 FM’s Sonic Boom Radio and made regular guest appearances on Northwestern University’s WNUR FM. However, it was his performances at the Metro along the likes of Daft Punk, Carl Cox, Little Louie Vega and Dave Clark that caught the ear of Chicago music mogul, Joe Shanahan. This shortly led to his current exclusive residency at the legendary Smartbar, also birthplace of the .dotbleep laboratory!

    Justin’s unique vibe behind the decks has likened him to a flailing live wire on the ground with exorbitant current pumping through it. His aggressive energy has been compared to Ian Curtis, Kurt Kobain and Joe Strummer. His first mix CD project for Tuning Spork is slated for Fall, 2009. You can catch him monthly at Smartbar Chicago’s .dotbleep or around the world with dates already set for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Canada, U.K., New Zealand and Australia.

    Boo Williams

    Born July 20, 1967 in Chicago, Boo Williams has been a part of the city's house music entourage since 1981. This was when he first stepped up to the turntables and started DJing. Later on in the 1990's, Boo began production and then later remixing in '93. He started out parting on the city's south side soon introduced to Glenn Underground who got him started in music production.

    John Simmons

    Mark Almaria and Karl Almaria Tag Team Set

    Bunchlox Music | Hudd Traxx | Guess Who? | Footwear | Photo

    From identifying a Bob James song in an elevator, performing an air guitar riff to a Led Zeppelin song, singing along with the latest Auto Zone TV commercial, to dropping the latest Underground House cut, Karl Almaria is all about enjoying music. Karl loves a wide range of music, but living in Chicago almost all of his life has given him the opportunity to witness the evolution of House Music over the years from its local early stages to the worldwide sound it is now. Today, Karl Almaria can be found not only enjoying House Music, but living it as well.

    Whether it’s spinning alone, at a bar for 15 people, or at an event for 1500 people, Karl is simply a DJ at heart that enjoys it all. “Yeah, there’s nothing like creating a vibe and connecting with a receptive crowd … but there’s also something special about connecting with the music alone.” Early on, Karl was content listening to mix tapes, collecting records, and spinning at home. However, it wasn’t long before others took notice. With plenty of encouragement from friends, he began playing out on a regular basis. 15+ years DJ experience, a creative mixing style, and on-point track selection have now taken him to DJ gigs in 17 states in the USA and have earned him an ever-growing booking schedule - including several residencies in his hometown of Chicago and beyond. Karl may be still under the radar for some, but he has amassed a decent-sized worldwide base of appreciative fans. Currently on the web, Karl hosts 2 internet radio shows: “Bunchlox Radio” every Tuesday [10pm Central Time on] and “Sunday Brunchlox” every 4th Sunday [12-6pm Central Time on].

    Although he insists he is not a promoter, Karl has had a fair amount of success promoting events as well. Highlights include work with the Epiphic collective (hundreds of regular and one-off events) and 3+ years of Grizzled/Sizzled at Chicago’s Lava Lounge (monthly party co-hosted with The Sound Republic).

    On the record label front, Karl heads up Bunchlox Music (originally co-founded with Rees Urban). From the start, the imprint’s consistent quality releases quickly created an international following. Similar to DJing, Karl’s knack for finding great music has been conducive in selecting the best of both established and up-and-coming producers. Bunchlox Music was one of the first labels to sign artists such as Avondale Music Society, Jake Childs, Jazzy Eyewear, Jonn Hawley, The Sound Republic, and Southern Roots. “If it’s good, it’s good … and people will feel it. No matter whose name is on the record.”

    Along with DJing and running Bunchlox, Karl has also been focusing on music production. His original tracks & remixes have found their way into many DJ’s sets (including Diz, DJ Heather, Mark Farina, Slater Hogan & John Larner, and Raoul Belmans) and have become the subject of track IDs in many House Music circles. Karl has released tracks on Hudd Traxx, Guess Who?, Footwear, Photo Records and Red Brunette. .

    Enjoying the music more than ever, Karl shows no signs of slowing down. “I do all this stuff simply because it’s a part of who I am.”


    At some point during any conversation about top DJs of the Midwest electronic music scene you are guaranteed to hear the name Mark Almaria. This showstopper is a Midwest mainstay for a reason. His precise, action-packed mixing style is often imitated, never duplicated. Constantly working double copies of records while incorporating fader tricks and scratches, he is able to perform flawless on-the-fly remixes providing the audience with a treat for the ears and the eyes. Combining feel-good house vibes with a no-nonsense approach to DJing, Mark has proven his skills time and again, cementing his place among Chicagos DJ elite.

    Mark has made hundreds of DJ performances and countless mixtape / cd appearances in boom boxes and car stereos since the mid 90s. A prominent figure in the in the Midwest rave scene, Mark is no stranger to the Chicago club scene either. He has performed at most of the Windy Citys premier venues including Crobar, Karma, Metro, Red Dog, Rednofive, Shelter, and Vision as well as holding down residencies at Convent, Dock 5, and Paladrome. In addition to playing across the US, Mark has had recent DJ gigs in Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, China, and Hong Kong.

    While he has spent many years perfecting his mixing technique, Mark now has ventured into music production. Although only releasing his first records in 2002, he is already making waves as one of the next generations top producers. Marks Abstract Beatdown EP on IHR has caught the attention (and record box space) of many DJ heavyweights including Bad Boy Bill, Charles Feelgood, Donald Glaude, and DJ Dan. One track from the EP, The Alarm has been licensed for the “KS02” mix compilation by Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson. Mark also has released several tracks on the hot new Bunchlox Music imprint. His last release on Bunchlox, Uh Huh received big-name support from DJs such as DJ Heather, J-Dub, Mark Farina, Miles Maeda, and Yousef. Future releases include “Get Down” on Ammo Recordings (with a remix by High Caliber) as well as a remix for Paul Anthony’s Dirty Fabric imprint. These are only the sparks of what looks to become a towering inferno. Stay tuned as this Chicago favorite continues to take his show international.

    Czarina Mirani

    Czarina Mirani (aka Czboogie) was originally a professional actress and dancer for most of her life with a serious love affair for House. In 2005 she launched 5 Magazine, North America’s only publication dedicated exclusively to underground House music. She has interviewed and worked with almost all of the House community’s biggest stars and continues to push for the next generation of talent.

    Aside from being the publisher and editor-in-chief, she also does 5 Magazine radio shows, promotes several House events in Chicago and has her own dance company (FivestarboogieProductions) with dance performances and classes throughout the city. Her House dancing classes have been named by the Chicago Reader as the “best dance class in the city.”

    Czboogie’s style of sexy vocal House music has made her an in demand DJ all over Chicago and in cities around the U.S. as well as Hong Kong, Manila and Boracay. She currently has DJ residencies at Smartbar (Chicago’s number one club for electronic music), the legendary Boom Boom Room (the longest running House night in the world and renown host to world class DJs), Cocktail, Urban’s House, Brighter Days,, and

    In 2011 The Untouchables DJ crew was formed made up of Farley Jackmaster Funk, Paul Johnson, Gene Hunt, Craig Alexander, Boxx and Czboogie and they have since been burning up dance floors across Chicago.

    Check out for the digital version of 5 Magazine.

    Taking Place at Grandbar
    1600 W. Grand

    Free Vodka Drinks 10p Till 11p

    text me To RSVP To Get in For $5 Before 12am and $10 After Till 5am. 312 208 7458

    If you are looking to celebrate your Birthday, Message Me For Details.

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    This is Tonight!


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