Silent Home // DeepWit Uncovered DWUC01
Genre - Deep House
Release Date: 03-30-2012
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Release Info:
"Silent Home" is a unique mix of tracks with each track and remix coming from a separate and distinct producer which gives this EP an unusual yet pleasant groove. The first track from Autumn Park, is a track with more of an Indie Dance feel, that catches you somewhere between a mellow cocktail lounge and a blissed out late night where you have lost your shoes. Ivan Garci's remix of "Silent Person" takes you on a similar journey with a deeper and more melodic twist, well suited for a trip to the dance floor. The second original on the release from Hammez "Mom's Home" is a feel good house track. with an upbeat and grooving vibe. The remix of this track coming from Soulight, takes the original and turns it into a bit dubber and deeper groove. With a release of such atypical styles and exceptional sounds, "Silent Home" offers you refreshing take on music.