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Thread: The (NEW) Color of Money

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    Get ready for another change to our lovable currency.

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    i had heard a story on NPR a couple of years ago that talked about how Canadian paper currency was harder to counterfeit because of the color added to the bills.

    i worked w/ a guy (who i didn't know personally) who used to use phony bills in vending machines.

    i guess it's important to crack down on counterfeiting in times when so many people are broke...

    Dead Presidents anyone? To Live and Die in LA?...

    what is the economy and how does it function?

    how does the economy stay on track? (bank of england link toward the bottom of page)--"It was the Second World War the high-point for the command economy in the west that finally cured the developed world of the Great Depression. Production was cranked up for guns, tanks, ships and aircraft [along with techno-scientific endeavoring] , and left behind a legacy that economies should be controlled and directed, rather than be left to untamed market forces."

    $98 billion in chump change lost (the richest people on earth)

    declining dollar

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    green energy.......ummmnnn..



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