Clinically Inclined
30 April 2004
Fridays 9:30pm -12:00am, 89.3 FM WNUR Chicago <-- download show as .MP3

part 1 > Matt MacQueen

$tinkworx - All Night Long - Ain't-Chit History (Delsin)
Herbie Hancock - Ready Or Not (Columbia) 1979
Fatback - Kool Whip (Spring) 1981
Prince - Let's Work [Extended Dance Remix] (Warner) 1982
Skatt Brothers - Walk The Night [Ara Simonian rmx] (Jasper)
The Flirts - Passion [Special Import rmx] (O Records) 1982
Black Devil Disco Club - A1 (Rephlex test)
Round Three feat. Tikiman - Acting Crazy [Club Vocal] (Main Street)
Bluetrain - Tighten Up [Special Edition dub] (Mosaic)
Model 500 - Starlight - Moritz Mix (Metroplex)
Paul St. Hilaire & Rene Lowe - Faith [Vox] (False Tuned)
Mr. Fingers - Distant Planet (Trax)
Metro Area - Evidence - 3 (Environ)
Magick Edit Allstars - Shades of Who? (Magick Edit)
Nii-Amon - The Song I Forgot To Make - This Is Your Machine (Hairy Claw)

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Matt MacQueen