August 18, 2004

Summer is almost over, but the show will go on. Despite disagreements about smoking bans, trance music, etc, the culture still lives on.


CLICK HERE to stream the show in its entirety, or scroll below for links to stream or download individual parts of the show.

Mixer: D-Jam
Genre: Deep House
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Hour 1 of the August 18, 2004 edition of DJ Culture. Just some more smooth mellow deep house to soothe the soul.

1) Home - Mateo & Matos
2) When You Hold Me - Summer Spectrum
3) Everyday - Central Living
4) So Fine (Jay's Bass Heavy Mix) - H Foundation
5) It's Love (Hard House Dub) - J. Daniels
6) Troubled Girl - Karen Ramirez
7) Future Lounge - Miguel Migs
8) I Like The Way - Kaskade Featuring Collette
9) Bread of Heaven - Nikos Featuring Tracy Carter
10) Deep Progress - Raff N Freeddy
11) Le Champagne - Trentmoller

Mixer: obuchiteck
Genre: T E C H N O !
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Hour 2 of the August 18, 2004 edition of DJ Culture. Featured guest obuchiteck of Intergruv Networks. A slamming ride of pure techno for all those who like it speedy and harder. Not for the weak at heart.

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Mixer: D-Jam
Genre: Prog and other techy flavors
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Hour 3 of the August 18, 2004 edition of DJ Culture. Taking things a little darker and techy (but not sleepy) with this prog mix.

1) When Pigs Fly - Agent 001
2) Future Dub - Armani VS Teapot
3) Fly Life Extra - Basement Jaxx
4) Official Chemical - Dub Pistols
5) I Don't Need Nobody...To Come Get My Love - PRD
6) Do To You (In 82) - Infusion
7) Get It (Junk Mix) - Lord Street Heroes
8) Divine Energy (Laurent Wolf Mix) - Pierre Ravan and Safar
9) Twister - Weekend Warrior
10) Take Me High (Mansion Mix) - Colm III