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Thread: ChicagoHouseRocks - August 15 show online

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    ALL OLD SCHOOL. We replayed our sets from the night at Tini Martini just because we could not record them there.

    Click here listen to the show in its entirety. If you would rather download, here are the hyperlinks to the individual mixes:

    1) Forum/Chit-Chat session
    2) DJ Fresko (Classic Italo)
    3) Busy Boy (Bangin old school)
    4) Pump Boy Lee (Slammin classic anthems)
    5) Jackin Jamie (WBMX house classics)
    6) D-Jam (New Wave and European Flavors)


    ChicagoHouseRocks has a new home! Busy Boy and his lovely wife just moved into their new dwelling, and with a nice basement rec room, we have a place where we can't annoy the neighbors!

    Still feeling the after-effects of the party (and people begging for another one) we felt that we still owed the fans our sets. Going in reverse order, Fresko started things up with the italo set that made the fans go nuts and beg for the music to go past closing. Busy Boy followed with his set of bangin beats and quick scratching. Pump Boy Lee was third, starting with a classic b-boy sound and carrying into many classic club anthems that some may have forgotten. Putting the CDs aside, Jackin Jamie took to the vinyl and pumped loads of classic WBMX house anthems from his personal "treasure trove". Finally, D-Jam took us home with a mix remiscient of Europe and Ibiza in the Summer of Love. (He's been watching that documentary too many times!)

    GIVE US FEEDBACK! We always appreciate hearing from you. Take a moment to tell us what you think of the show on our Message Forum.

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