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Thread: 20 Records That I Just Can't Leave Alone (70's & 80's)

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    In No Particular Order

    1. Invisible Man's Band - All Night Thing.... (and ya know this....Man)

    2. First Choice - I Love Having You Around (the
    one and only tine anyone will ever out do Stevie Wonder with a cover version).

    3. Taana Gardner - When You Touch Me... (everything about this track is dope.. Larry Levan R.I.P.)....

    4. Bumble Bee Unlimited - I Love You.... (works everytime... Patrick Adams is the man).

    5. Chaka Khan - Earth To Mickey (CK's Duet Space Rap)... (remember when Rush used to beat this out. Gawd)!

    6. Phreek - S/T lp... (another classic album from the master Patrick Adams).

    7. Tempest Trio - Do You Like The Way It Feel.
    ....(Electronic Disco a Its Best)....

    8. Telex - Raidsed By Snakes. ...(Early Electro Banger)...

    9. Bohannon - Summertime Groove lp. .. (every track on here is sick)...

    10. Cloud One - S/T lp.... (Patrick Doing it again...Gawd)!

    11. Lonnie Liston Smith - Visions of A New World Lp.... (smooth soulful jazz by a true master)...

    12. Marvin Gaye - A Funky Space Reincarnation... (i don't even have to comment on this one)...

    13. Stevie Wonder - Do I Do. ... (Stevie Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Music)...

    14. Sergio Mendes - The Real Thing... (This Is Probably My Favorite Disco Cut of All Time)..

    15. Eddie Kendricks - Thanks For The Memories. ...(pure emotion... Rush used to have a couple banging ass edits of this)...

    16. George Duke - I Want You For Myself.....
    (woooo!!!! on fire)....

    17. Gino Soccio - Dancer... (sick sick sick)...

    18. Quincy Jones - Ai No Corrida ( this one was a Chicago Loft Party Classic.. Quincy in top form)

    19. Jackie Moore - This Time Baby...
    (we won't be in and out, up and down all around, not this time baby)..

    20. Hateful Head Helen - Sweet Pussy Pauline Accapella. (DJ tool for all the track heads out there).

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    I love all these tunes !

    Particularly the Tempest Trio !

    --------------------<br />I don\'t collect records, but i do collect playlists !

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    I love all these tunes !

    Particularly the Tempest Trio !

    --------------------<br />I don\'t collect records, but i do collect playlists !

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    some of them were hits w/ nyc but we were not crazy about them.

    1 love is the message

    2 bra

    3 ten percent

    4 doctor love

    5 sexy- mfsb

    6 pipeline

    7 look me up- blue magic

    8 woman

    9 keep on truckin'

    10 i hear music in the street

    11 glow of love

    12 lovemachine- miracles

    13 searching to find the one

    14 got to be real

    15 sexual healing

    16 who is he and what is he to you

    17 forever came today

    18 freeman

    19 girl you need to change your mind

    20 you should be dancing - bee gees

    difference generations for records.


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