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Thread: fuk hoo too ep - reach for the sky

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    can anyone give me some info on this track?

    year, vocalist, label or even if this is the exact name? thanks.

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    This is a confusing one.

    In the late 90's there were a bunch of releases, hinting at behind the scenes music biz strife.

    Possibly to do with people putting out music without full payment to the producer or artists.

    These records (there were a few at the time) I think were a case of the producers trying to get what they believe was theirs.

    I can't remember what was on that particular EP, and I don't fancy opening that dusty old can of worms as it's way past it's sell by date.

    I hope that helps in some roundabout way.
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    thanks jeremy [img]smile.gif[/img]

    interesting story, it possibly explains why i have found such limited information on it.

    i've been told it was a release on ace beat but i couldn't find it in their discography. i still would like to know who the producers and vocalists are, and any other releases that came out.

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    jeremy, so this came out in the late 90's??

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    Yea yea I know this is archived but here is some info on the EP.
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