"A cut above:The legacy of New York city basketball and the ACC".

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    Greg T, Sent me a link to a mad informative documentary on the New York city basketball connection with the ACC(Conference), During the 60’s,70’s,80’s,90′,s,2000’s, Featuring, Cats like, Charlie Scott(Former Stuyvesant HS in Manhattan product and Lauringberg Prep in North Carolina Product during the 60’s and Charlie Scott was the first black

    Basketball player to play in the ACC and at the University of North Carolina in 1966), Bobby Cremins(Former All Hallows HS in the Bronx product during the 60’s and Former head coach for Georgia Tech during the 80’s-2000’s), Kenny Anderson(Do i have to go into his history/LOL), Julius Hodge(Former HS All-American for St.Raymond’s HS in the Bronx during the late 90’s/early

    2000’s and former honorable mention All-American for North Carolina State during the mid 2000’s and 1st round draft pick for the Denver Nuggets in 2008), And, Joe Hammond(Again, Do i have to go into Joe’s history on the DHP board/LOL), A bit of information that was not touched on during the documentary in regards to Charlie Scott, Well, Charlie Scott played in the

    Backcourt with Eddie Fogler(Longtime assistant coach for North Carolina during the early 70’s to mid 80’s and Eddie Fogler was an 2-time 1st time All-PSAL product in 1968 and 1969 for Flushing HS in Flushing,Queens and Eddie Fogler was the pipeline for Dean Smith and Bill Gutheridge(Longtime assistant coach for North Carolina during the 1960’s to mid 90’s), To

    Recruit New York city cats like Jimmy Black(Cardinal Hayes HS in the Bronx during the late 70’s),Chris Brust(Babalyon HS on Long Island during the late 70’s), Kenny Smith(Molloy HS in Queens during the early 80’s), Etc, Also, Charlie Scott played with Julius Erving at the Rucker with Pete Vesey’s, “Westsiders”, crew during the early to mid 70’s, and, “The Westsiders”, Were

    The very first crew to win 2 championships at the Rucker in a row in 1971 and 1972, Featuring cats like Charlie Scott, Julius Erving, Billy Paultz(New York Nets in the ABA), Billy Melchonni(New York Nets in the ABA), Joe Dupree(New York Nets), Manny Leeks(Pittsburgh Pipers in the ABA), Etc, Also, Julius Hodge played at St.Raymonds HS in the Bronx with Gavin

    Grant(6’7 cat who later played with Julius Hodge at North Carolina State during the early/mid 2000’s), Bobby Cremins played in the backcourt at The University of South Carolina with a cat by the name of Johnny Roche during the mid to late 60’s, Johnny Roche also played with the New York Nets during the early to mid 70’s as well as Johnny Roche being named a

    1st-Team All-CHSAA product in 1965 for LaSalle Academy in Manhattan(Which was the same HS that cats like Shamgod Wells and Ron Artest played for during the 90’s), I’m very glad to hear Kenny Anderson continue to mention the impact on the Queens basketball circuit that cats like Kenny Patterson(Forest Hills HS in Queens and Depaul University during the late 70’s

    To mid 80’s), Boo Harvey(Jackson HS and St.John’s during the early 80’s to early 90’s), Had during the late 70’s to mid 80’s and the respect and admiration that Kenny Anderson had for Pearl and Rod Strickland(Truman HS in the Bronx during the early to

    Mid 80’s), The Documentary is right on time for those who value the game of basketball very dearly(Especially for those who love the game of basketball from New York city/Facts).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    “A cut above”(The legacy of New York city basketball and the ACC conference)

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    I had to school a young Carolina alum, ACC-loving intern on my job some time back, about how the City College point-shaving scandal is the sole reason why the ACC blew up the way it did! The shut down of New York City college basketball (shoot, northeast, in general), in the aftermath of the scandal in the 50s, made NYC and other northeastern kids go south to school! Frank McGuire doesn’t have the so-called ‘Underground Railroad’ of NYC cats for his ’57 NCAA title without a City College scandal. Shoot, I don’t think Frank McGuire would’ve been at Carolina, at all!

    It took 30 years, and a Dave Gavitt vision to form the Big East, to fix hoops in the Northeast United States! Now, unfortunately, conference realignment (yes, football pays the mortgage!) crushed a lot of northeastern hoops again!

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    Fletch, I most definitely agree with you in regards to the City College Scandal in 1951 having a lot to do with New York city cats going to schools in the ACC(Notably, North Carolina under the guidance of Frank McGuire during the early 1950’s thru the early 60’s), Though, I feel Frank McGuire felt that he did enough at St.John’s to move on North

    Carolina in 1952(St.John’s made it to the 1952 final 4 under Frank McGuire), Fletch, Before the Big-East, There was the ECAC conference which covered the whole north-east region down to schools in Virginia(Exhibit A:VCU, James Madison, George Mason, Etc, And those games in the ECAC were played on Saturday afternoons on channel

    4 with a variety of play by play and college basketball analyst cats like, Dick Enberg, Bucky Waters, Keith Jackson(Wide world of sports cat during the 70’s), Marv Albert, Etc, During the early 70’s to late 70’s, Though, the ECAC covered so many schools, It did not have the impact that the big-East had starting in 1979, My man(Facts), Fletch, I

    Wish cats could have connected with Al King(to cover the 70’s on the New York city HS basketball circuit in the documentary), Because, Al King was the cat who received mad publicity as a sophomore at 16 years of age in 1976 that was under-believable at that time in New York city(After Kareem in 1965 for Power Memorial), Fletch, Al King

    Was the precursor to cats like Pearl, Rod Strickland, Kenny Anderson, Stephon Marbury, Felipe Lopez, Lloyd Daniels, Lenny Cook, Sebestian Telfair, Lance Stephenson, Etc, In regards to a New York city cat getting mad notoriety all-over the country while in HS, My man(Facts).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

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    Fletch, Terry Holland used to recruit more than a few cats from New York city to play for the University of Virginia during the 70’s,80’s, Etc, Infact, Here’s a list of some cats from New York city who played for ACC schools during the 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s, Along with the High-school’s that cats played for in New York city(if I can remember those shits, My man/LOL).

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

    1.Derek Cross(Virginia/Holy Cross HS in Flushing,Queens during the mid to late 70’s)
    2.Mel Kennedy(Virginia/Tolentine/Bronx during the early to mid 80’s)
    3.John Johnson(Virginia/Tolentine/Bronx during the early to mid 80’s)
    4.Olden Polynice(Virginia/All Hallows/Bronx during the early 80’s)
    5.Antoine Ford(Georgia Tech/All Hallows/Bronx during the early to mid 80’s)

    6.John Salley(Georgia Tech/Canarsie/Brooklyn during the early 80’s)
    7.Bill Chamberlain(North Carolina during the early 70’s)
    8.Moe Rivers(North Carolina State during the early to mid 70’s)
    9. Glen Mayers(Wake Forest/St.John’s Military academy in Wisconsin, Via, Van Buren HS in Queens during the late 70’s).

    10.Ed Cota(North Carolina/Tilden/Brooklyn during the mid 90’s)

    11.Sam Perkins(North Carolina/Brooklyn during the late 70’s)
    12.Gary Saunders(Georgia Tech/Rice/Manhattan during the mid 90’s)
    13.Bruce Dalyrmple(Georgia Tech/Prep school in Massachusetts during the early 80’s)
    14.Al Dean(Maryland/Tilden/Brooklyn during the mid 70’s/Rip)
    15.Lorenzo Charles/North Carolina State/Brooklyn Tech during the early 80’s)

    16. Billy Cunningham(North Carolina/Erasmus/Brooklyn during the early 60’s)
    17.Donny Walsh(North Carolina/Fordham Prep/Bronx during the late 50’s)
    18.Larry Brown(North Carolina/Long Beach HS on Long Island during the late 50’s)
    19.Steve Sheppard(Maryland/Clinton/Bronx during the early/mid 70’s)
    20.Kevin Morris(Georgia Tech/King HS/Manhattan during the mid 90’s)

    21.Darryl Barnes(Georgia Tech/Franklin K.Lane/Queens during the late 80’s)

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