Best backcourts of alltime(College)

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    Just off of building with Fletch, On St.John’s backcourt of Shamorie Ponds and Marcus Lovett afew days ago, Here’s my listing of the best backcourts of alltime on the college basketball circuit.

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    1.Bernard Rencher/Reggie Carter(St.John’s)
    2.Michael Jordan/Kenny Smith(North Carolina)
    3.Mark Macon/Howie Evans(Temple)
    4.Tommy Amaker/Johnny Dawkins(Duke)
    5.Tom Garrick/Carlton Owens(Rhode Island)

    6.Rod Strickland/Kevin Edwards(Depaul)
    7.Raymond Felton/Rashard McCants(North Carolina)
    8.Derek Whittenberg/Sidney Lowe(North Carolina State)
    9.Greg Anthoney/Anderson Hunt(UNLV)
    10.Greg Tynes/Nicky Gallis(Seton Hall)

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    Best Overall……!
    1. Michael Jordan/Jimmy Black, North Carolina
    2. Greg Anthony/Anderson Hunt, UNLV
    3. Johnny Dawkins/Tommy Amaker, Duke
    4. Derrick Whittenburg/Sidney Lowe, North Carolina State
    5. Mark Jackson/Chris Mullin, St. John’s
    6. Khalid Al-Amin, Richard Hamilton, Connecticut
    7. Pearl Washington/Rafael Addison, Syracuse
    8. Aaron McKie/Eddie Jones, Temple
    9. Jason Kidd/Lamond Gray, Cal
    10. Mike Bibby/Miles Simon, Arizona
    11. Ray Felton/Rashard McCants, North Carolina
    12. Fred Van Fleet/Ron Baker, Wichita State

    Not top 12, BUT……must watch TV because either somebody’s getting shook, they going nut, or something else exciting…….! (LOL!)
    1. By Tyler/Terrence Rencher, Texas
    2. Boo Harvey/Michael Porter, St. John’s
    3. Charles Jones/Richie Parker, LIU
    4. Marcus Lovett/Sharmorie Pounds, St. John’s
    5. Tom Garrick/Silk Owens, Rhode Island
    6. Steve Burtt/Tony Hargraves, Iona

    Subject to change! (LOL!)

    November 3, 2017 at 3:37 PM #5351
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    Fletch, Rich Brunson played the point guard spot and Aaron McKie and Eddie Jones were in 3 guard setup for Temple during the mid 90’s, My man(Facts), Also, Rory Grimes(5’9 cat from the Bronx), Played the point guard spot with Steve Burtt at shooting guard for Iona during the early/mid 80’s, My man(Facts), Fletch, Ricky Moore played in

    The backcourt with Khalid El-Amin playing the point and Rich Hamilton in a 3 guard setup(Like the Temple cats during the mid 90’s), For Connecticut during the late 90’s, My man, Fletch, Mark Wade and Freddie Banks were a nice backcourt for UNLV during the mid 90’s too, My man, Also, Karl Hobbs and Earl Kelly was a very nice backcourt

    With, Vern Giscombe(5’9 cat forTolentine HS in the Bronx in 1980), Coming off the bench to sub for either Karl Hobbs or Earl Kelly for Connecticut during the early 80’s, Also, Craig Hodges and Ricky Williams(6’2 cat from Buffalo,New York), Were one of the top backcourts in the country during the late 70’s for Long Beach State(Facts).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    November 3, 2017 at 5:49 PM #5352
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    Damn… #10 is Charlie Ward/Bobby Sura/Sam Casell, Florida State!

    How the hell I forget them???????

    Hate knocking Van Fleet and Baker off! Them cats brought Wichita State into the modern era! (I said modern era! I know about Antoine Carr and X McDaniel blowing up old Wichita back in the day! LOL!)

    November 4, 2017 at 11:52 AM #5354
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    Fletch, Mark Jackson’s best years at St.John’s were played in the backcourt with Matt Brust(Who had a brother by the name of Chris Brust, Who was a 2nd team HS All-American out of Babalyon HS on Long Island in 1978 and Chris Burst played for North Carolina during the late 70’s/early 80’s), Fletch, Mark Jackson came off the bench his Freshman and sophomore years(1983-1985) trying to develop into a reliable cat behind Mike Mo , So, How can you list Mark Jackson and Chris

    Mullin as an all-time great backcourt(Exhibit A:Unless you throw Mike Mo as Chris Mullin’s backcourt partner during the early/mid 80’s, My man/LOL), Also, We’re building on backcourt tandems, Not backcourt trio’s, My man/LOL.

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    1.Chris Corchianni/Rodney Monroe(North Carolina State)
    2.Monte Towe/Moe Rivers(North Carolina State)
    3.Hawkeye Whitney/Clyde Austin(North Carolina State)
    4.Eddie Jordan/Mike Dabney(Rutgers)
    5.Ernie Deigorio/Joe Hassett(Providence)

    6.Ed Cota/Shammond Williams(North Carolina)
    7.Jason Williams/Chris Duhon(Duke)
    8.Derrick Brown/Shamgod Wells(Providence)
    9.Sam Worthen/Michael Williams(Marquette)
    10.Smush Parker/Adrian Walton(Fordham University)

    11.Dice Martin/Dwight Clay(Notre Dame)
    12.Rich Branning/Duck Williams(Notre Dame)
    13.Roy Marble/Bj Armstrong(Iowa)
    14.Andre Turner/Phillip “Doom”Haynes(Memphis State)
    15.Jacque Vaughn/Jerrod Hause(Kansas)

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