"Full Force interview", on VLADTV(08/09/2017)

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    VLAD has a very funny interview with Full Force from this morning, Full Force is building on their music career, Their roles in “House Party”, In 1990, Directed by Reggie Hudlin, Who also directed, “Bommer-rang”, With Eddie Murphy in 1992, “Crush Groove”, In 1984, Directed by Michael Schultz, Who also directed, “Cooley High”, In 1975 and “Which way is up”, With Richard Pryor in 1977, Also, Full Force is credited as making the first, “New Jack Swing”, Plate, Called, “Alice”, From

    1985, Produced by Howie Tee from Flatbush,Brooklyn, Who is the cousin of Chubb Rock(Howie Tee bounced from Full Force to produce all of Chubb rock’s plates in 1986 thru the 90’s, I remember Full Force performing with Shades of Love(“Keep in touch/body to body”, Fame in 1982), At a spot called, “Lola’s(Which right across the street from Roseland’s on 56thst and 7thave in Manhattan in 1983), Full Force was performing impersonations of other artists(Exhibit A:Cameo, Kool

    and the Gang, Luther Vandross), Etc Also, Full Force builds on finding and creating Lisa,Lisa and Cult Jam in 1984 and Full Force reveals some, “Sucka shit”, That Larry Blackmon(Cameo), was well-known for in regards to hiphop crews and opening acts that Cameo was headling on tour with during the early to mid 80’s(Facts).

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

    “Alice, I want you just for me”, by Full Force(1985)

    “Temporary Love”, by Full Force(1986)

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