James \"D Train\" Williams Live Performance 1983

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    Bigscore, I’ve never seen James(D-Train)Williams live in concert, Though, I heard cats build with me on James Williams totally, “Dismantling”, The Garage in 1982 When, “Keep on”, Came out(Cats still build about James D-Train’s performance at the Garage in 1982, That’s how hard, James/D-Train Williams went that morning at the Garage in 1982, My man), Bigscore, Francios(Who used to be a member on the old deephousepage board years ago), Remixed and produced alot of D-Train’s

    Plates during the early to mid 80’s), Francios remixed and produced alot of the early artists who were down with Prelude records during the early/mid 80’s(exhibit A:France Joli, Empress, D-Train, Etc,, On the Low, Hubert Eaves used to run with Mtume as a session musician(Keyboard and synthesizer player during the late 70’s/early 80’s, My man, Bigscore, James Williams was one of the most gifted vocalist that i’ve ever heard in my lifetime(And that list is very short too, My

    Man/LOL), Also, Larry Levan used to, “Dismantle”, “Keep on”, At the Garage(On that system at the Garage, The break of, “Keep on”, Sounded like an 380 Airbus landing at Kennedy Airport, My man/LOL), Bigscore, One of my favorite plates by D-Train is, “Trying to get over”, Off of the, “You’re the one for me”, Album from D-Train in 1982(Which was produced by Hubert Eaves and remixed by Francios), Bigscore, Hubert Eaves produced a plate called, “Step out of my dreams”, In 1983,

    Which was remixed by Shep Pettibone, That used to get airplay on the New York city dance music circuit during the early 80’s(Especially the afterwork spots like Justines, Peagasus, The Down-under, Bentley’s, Etc).

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

    “Step out of my Dreams”, By the Strangers(Produced by Hubert Eaves and remixed by Shep Pettibone in 1983)

    “Trying to get over”, By D-Train(Remixed by Francios, Which was one of his best remixes on the Prelude label in 1982)

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