Jayson Williams(St.John's)Interview on Flex's show(08/31/2017)

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    Jayson Williams(St.John’s cat from Manhattan, Not the Duke cat from New Jersey/LOL), Gives a very funny, Very informative and mad forgiving interview on Flex’s show on Hot 97 last week, Jayson Williams is building on his HS days playing for Power Memorial in Manhattan(This i did not know of/LOL), Christ the King in Queens during the early/mid 80’s, St.John’s, The Philadelphia 76ers during the late 80’s to early 90’s, The New Jersey Nets during the early to late 90’s and that un-

    Faithful night when Jayson Williams accidently shot a limosuine Driver at his rest in New Jersey in 2002(And the coverup that eventually put Jayson Williams upnorth for 2 years in 2009/2010), Jayson Williams is also building about his private addiction treatment and wellness center in Boca Roton,Florida(Rebound

    Institute), For addiction treatment, Much respect to Jayson Williams for turning his life around to help others and his continued benelovence in the community going back to the early 90’s with the Philadelphia 76er’s(On the low).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    Jayson Williams on Flex’s show(08/31/2017)

    Rebound Institute:

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    Here’s a way more contrite interview with Jayson Williams on the Breakfest club earlier this week.

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

    “Jayson Williams on the Breakfest club interview”(09/06-17)

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