Mike Barnes: NYC Hoop Playoffs…..

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    1) Lincoln
    2) Wings ( PSAL POY candidate Jose Perez)
    3) Where the hell John Bowne come from. Never saw them near a playoff when I went to high school! LOL!)
    4) Curtis (top scorer Malik Martin)

    1) Malloy (Cole Anthony and 7 foot Moses Brown doing damage. Might be favorite to take state!)
    2) Bishop Loughlin (Keith Williams Going to Cincy!)
    3) Christ The King (GTech bound PG Jose Alvarado, and 6-11 soph Kofi Cockburn)
    4) St. Raymond (Future Minnesota PG Isaiah Washington)

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    Fletch, Bowne was nice during the 70’s, Featuring a cat by the name of Keith Hemans(6’3 left-handed cat who was an Honorable mention All-PSAL cat and 1st team All-Queens cat for Bowne in 1976 and Keith Hemans played in the backcourt for the university of Cinncinatti from 1976-1978, Before, Keith Hemans was thrown out of school for

    Doing some criminal nonsense with my man Eddie Lee and Lionel Harvey(3rd team HS All-American out of Malverne HS on Long Island in 1978,Which is the very same HS that your man Andre Hawkins played for during the late 70’s/early 80’s)), Fletch, Keith Hemans and Lionel Harvey weer both down with stingin a convience store at Lambert

    Airport in St. Louis,Missouri in 1978 after Cinncinatti played against The University of St.Louis and Gale Catlett(Former head coach threw Keith Hemans and Lionel Harvey off the crew for Cinncinatti in 1978(Though, My man Eddie Lee was the orchestrator of the robbery of the convience store in St.Louis, Eddie Lee did not get arrested nor

    Did Eddie Lee get thrown off the team or thrown out of school(Because Eddie Lee was nice with his and the starting point guard for Cinncinatti in 1978), Though, It was Eddie Lee who planned the whole thing in regards to Keith Hemans and Lionel Harvey getting arrested for stinging a convience store at Lambert Airport in St.Louis,Missouri in

    1978(Facts), Fletch, Keith Hemans put Bowne HS on the map during the early to mid 70’s on the Queens HS basketball circuit, Along with Keith Hemans playing for Elmcor(Exhibit B:Coached by Leroy Watkins,

    Who was the older brother of Cecil Watkins, The founder of Elmcor in 1969 and Elmcor/Citywide Tournaments in 1969 at 127 park in Astoria,Queens), My man, Fletch, Bowne was also one of the sites for the, “Bob Douglass summer pro-tournament”, During the mid/late 70’s(Francis Lewis was another site for the, “Bob Douglass”, Summer

    Pro Tournament”, During the mid/late 70’s), Featuring cats like Earl Monroe, Joe Hammond, John Shumate(Notre Dame), Larry McNeil(Clinton HS/Marquette), World B.Free, Jocko(Greg Jackson/Rip), Geoff Huston(Canarsie/Texas Tech/Knicks), Etc, Also, McKee was the top school on the basketball circuit during the 70’s,

    Featuring a cat by the nme of Kenny Page(6’3 lefthanded cat who was an 1st team All-PSAL and 4th team all-American out of McKee in 1977, Infact, McKee lost to Clinton in the 1977 PSAL championship game at St.John’s, While I remember Curtis HS in Staten Island more for football during the 70’s, My man, Fletch, did Bowne beat

    Cardoza in the playoffs, My man, Fletch, Moses Brown looks weak to me(The clippings that I’ve seen of my man do not look aspiring, My man/Facts),, Fletch, I’ll look out for Jose Alvarado and Kofi Cockburn for Georgia Tech in 2017/18, My man, Also, Isiah Washington is nice,(I don’t know how Rick Pitino’s son signed him to play in that part of

    he country in regards to the weather, Though, Ray Williams(Rip), Lasted 4 years at Minnesota during the mid 70’s and it Tworked out very nice for Ray in 1977, My man/LOL).

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

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    Mike, a correction….

    4 is Queens High School of Teaching, while Curtis is the 5 seed.

    Keith Williams from Loughlin looks mad nice. Think Lance Stephenson hops with Ben Gordon’s jumper!

    And a whole bunch of schools is looking at Moses Brown. Kofi Kockburn is only a HS sophmore (only two years from Jamaica, so he can’t completely ball….yet!) Malloy v. Christ The King will be huge, next year. Have you ever seen a 7-foot rivalry ever in this city? I haven’t! (the late, great Al McGuire used to say, “The Valley of the Giants!” LOL!)

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    Another school I’m looking at is Van Buren, with 20 ppg scorer Keshon Smith. He still reeling from the murder of his brother, Rashad Brown, this past fall! I grew up in Tompkins with their moms, and was classmates with they aunt!

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    Fletch, Van(VanBuren), Used to be nice during the late 60’s, Featuring cats like Dave Edwards Sr. and Ronnie Johnson in the backcourt for Van Buren during the late 60’s(Exhibit A:1967-1969), Dave Edwards is the pops of Dave Edwards who played for Jackson during the late 80’s, Georgetown during the early 90’s and Texas A&M during the early/mid 90’s, The elder Dave

    Edwards put in work at VCU(Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond,Virginia), During the early 70’s and the Elder Dave Edwards was a mentor to Gerald Henderson(Boston Celtics), Who played for VCU during the early to mid 70’s, Also, Van Buren was drug nice during the mid to late 70’s with cats like Abbott Tubbs(6’7 cat with a mad big afro who looked and played

    Like, Roosevelt Bouie of Syracuse during the mid to late 70’s), Archie Joiner, Ikey Parker, Rob Ellerbee, Bobby Jones, Terrence Jones,Techla Muarry(Who was a Division-II All-American for Fashion Insititute in Manhattan during the early 80’s), Mike Walker(Who is Ralph McDaniels man going back to the HS and summer tournament basketball circuit in Queens during the

    Early 70’s and Mike Walker used to rock the mic for Ralph McDaniels at spots like the Blue Ice in Springfield Gardens,Queens during the late 70’s and early 80’s(Exhibit A:Ralph McDaniels was the very first cat to mix at Encore in 1980 and Mike Walker was right by Ralph’s side on the mic, My man), Fletch, The two best cats to play for Van Buren was Mitch(The Snake)Walker

    Who is Mike Walker’s younger brother who played for Van Buren during the late 70’s/early 80’s, Infact, Mitch Walker played with Jerome Kersey(Portland Trailblazers/Rip), At Longwood college in Virginia during the early to mid 80’s and the other cat who was one of, If not the best cat to ever play for Van Buren was Wendall Owens(6’2 cat who was a first team All-PSAL in

    1982 and Honorable mention All-American for VanBuren in 1982 too), Wendall Ownes had originally signed to play for Georgetown in 1982, But, Money’s grades were not working academically, So, Wendall Owens went to San Jacinto JC in Texas for 2 years in 1983/84 and Wendall Owens transferred to Texas Tech in 1984 and put in work there in 1984 and 1985, Infact,

    Wendall Owens gave it to Georgetown in a NCAA regional game in 1984(Wendall Owens picked Horace Broadnax’s pocket mad lovely in that game, My man/LOL, Fletch, Marv Kessler was the basketball coach for Van Buren during the 70’s and 80’s(I’m very sure money is retired if he is still with us, My man), Fletch, Mostly cat from Hollis,Queens go to Van Buren during

    The 70’s and 80’s for basketball purposes(Just like alot of cats from the southside used to go to Jackson for basketball purposes during the 70’s and 80’s, My man/LOL), Fletch, Is Keshon Smith D-1 mat, My man, Also, Keith Williams for Loughlin is nice with his(How tall is money, My man), Fletch, We both know how Pat Quiqley(Former head coach at Loughlin during the

    70’s,80’s,90’s), Help develop cats like Mark Jackson, James Major(Seton Hall), Selden Jefferson(6’3 cat who was 1st team All-CHSAA in 1994 for Loughlin and Selden Jefferson put in much work for West Virginia during the mid to late 90’s too, My man). Fletch, What was Queens HS of Teaching called during the 70’s and 80’s, My man(Exhibit A:Possibly Jackson or Hillcrest,

    My man), Also, Fletch, After, Kareem, Their hasn’t been a nice 7 footer that i can think of right about now(Eddie Pickney was close at 6’ll for Stevenson during the late 70’s/early 80’s), Olden Polynice and Antoine Ford(All Hallows during the early/mid 80’s), Were all-right in HS, Though not because of skill and talent, My man/LOL, and Anthoney Pelle was mad wack for

    Villanova during the early to mid 90’s(Money must have put in work at Stevenson HS in the Bronx during the mid to late 80’s to get to Villanova, Though, Steve Lappas used to be the head coach for Stevenson during the early to mid 80’s(Money bounced to be down with Rollie Massimino’s staff for Villanova during the mid 80’s to early 90’s, So, I’m very sure Steve Lappas was

    Recruiting Anthoney Pelle for awhile in the Bronx at Stevenson during the mid to late 80’s, Fletch, We both know New York city has never developed Horses over 6’9 on a regular basis, Who put in work on the New York city HS and college basketball

    Circuit in any era, My man(Though, You would know more about this than myself in regards to horses playing on the New York city HS circuit nowdays, Since your up the way, My man/LOL).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

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    Fletch, Do you remember a cat by the name of Keith Williams, Who was killed in the line of duty while transporting a cat from the Court House on Queens Blvd(Which houses a detention center on the 3rd floor), To Rikers in November of 1989 with his partner in their PD car on the Grand Central parkway, My man, Fletch, The cat who shot

    Both Keith Williams and his partner used to go to Jackson HS in Cambria Heights, Also, Det.Keith Williams used to play for Jamaica HS during the early late 60’s/early 70’s with a cat by the name of Ricky(The Razor)Marsh, Who played in the backcourt for the University of Nebreska and Manhattan College during the early to mid 70’s, Infact,

    Ricky Marsh was starting for the Golden State Warriors during the late 70’s(Exhibit A:1977/1978), Via, Al Attles looking out for Ricky Marsh’s talents despite Ricky Marsh going to a little known school like Manhattan College during the mid/late 70’s and Ricky Marsh put in work for the time that he was down with Golden State in 1977 and

    1978, Though, Cats on Golden State had guaranteed contracts that had to be met in regards to playing time and Ricky Marsh was cut by Al Attles after the 1978 season(On the low, Al Attles did not want to cut Ricky Marsh because Ricky Marsh was nice with his, Also, Ricky Marsh and Keith Williams grew up together by Liberty Park off of

    Liberty ave in Jamaica,Queens during the 60’s,70’s, My man(Facts), Fletch, Keith Williams played for Paul Lizzo at LIU during the early/mid 70’s too, Along with Keith Williams being a pillar in the community in Jamaica,Queens, My man(Facts), Fletch, One of the best, “Horses”, Over, 6’10 from New York city was a cat by the name of Al Dean(6’10

    Cat who was an 1st team All-PSAL for Tlden HS in Brooklyn in 1975), Fletch, Al Dean was signed to play for Maryland in 1975, But, A few weeks before Al Dean was scheduled to attend orientation at Maryland in August of 1975, A cat broke into Al Dean’s moms rest in Brooklyn and shot Al Dean fatally, My man(Facts), Fletch, 6’9 and up

    Cats from New York city like, “Tree”, Robert Cornegy(Jackson), Chris Brust(Babalyon HS on Long Island in 1978, Chris Brust played for North Carolina during the late 70’s/early 80’s), Lenny Elmore(Power Memorial), Larry Petty(Power Memorial), Though, Larry Petty’s from Long Island city,Queens), Abdul-Shameed-Deen(Tottenville HS

    On Staten Island), Etc, Were mad weak to me(Let me reiterate, Lenny Elmore was alright, But, Those other cats were “Minute steak”, Weak, My man(Facts/LOL).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    .Keith Williams(1989/Rip)

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    Fletch, Cats from Brooklyn,Queens and the Bronx(Staten Island don’t count, My man/LOL), Used to pop that nonsense about Queens being weak during the 70’s and 80’s(Especially on the New York city basketball circuit), Though, Jackson played in 4 PSAL championship games during the 80’s(Exhibit A:Jackson vs Hamilton in 1981,

    Jackson vs Franklin in 1982 and Jackson vs Truman in 1984 and Jackson vs Kennedy in 1985 and that Franklin crew that played vs Jackson in 1982 had Walter Berry and Kenny Hutchinson and Jackson had Boo Harvey and Ron Edwards as Freshman, My man, Also, Springfield HS in Queens took it(PSAL Championship), Twice during the 80’s

    (Exhibit B:1983 with Anthoney MasonRich(Radar)Anderson and Norm Roberts and 1987 with Alvin Rich), So Queens was putting in much work on the new Yorkc ity HS basketball circuit, Despite, Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan cats constantly poppin shit about Queens being soft, My man(Facts/LOL).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

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    I don’t remember the Keith Williams from back in the day. Damn, that’s crazy how he got shot! Him and Al Dean.

    Tree Cornegy is now a NYC Councilman! He’s a mentor to my childhood friend from Tompkins, Hank Butler, the current Director of Community Board 3, and candidate for City Council.
    Len Elmore, one of the great Maryland power forwards of alltime; Harvard Law, former Assistant Brooklyn DA, great broadcaster!
    Abdul Shamsid Deen was first-team All-City in 1986. And ended up with Providence in the Final Four

    But them cats is ‘Minute Steak weak’………! (LOL!)

    I know all too well Jackson’s ’85 squad that upset Kennedy! (yes, that was considered an upset!). Boo and Ron may have had arguably the best backcourt in the history of the city. My alltime NYC backcourts…….

    1. Khalid Reeves and Derek Phelps, Christ the King, 1990
    2. Boo and Ron, Jackson, 1985
    3. Kadeem Carrington and Mike Williams, Bishop Loughlin, 2014
    4. Rashard Salnave and Aaron Walker, Cardozo, 2014-2016
    5. Tiny Morton and Tee Mitchell, Lincoln, 1986 (although Tee Mitchell played a lot of the 3 spot)

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    Fletch, The elder Dave Edwards who played for Van Buren HS and VCU during the late 60’s/early 70’s, That I mentioned earlier in another thread, Is the eldest brother of Ron Edwards(Who is the youngest Edwards brother out of 40 Projects in Jamaica,Queens), My man, Fletch, Sid Green wasn’t that nice to me(In HS during the late 70’s, My

    Man/LOL), Also, Fletch, We’ve had that best New York city backcourt on the HS circuit discussion before, and Here’s my 5 best backcourts in New York city HS basketball history, My man.

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

    1.Rasheed Walker and Pete Davis(Boys High/70’s)
    2.Rod Strickland and Tyrone Joye(Truman/80’s)
    3.Arnold Duggar and Butch Lee/Kim Malcolm, Though, Arnold Duggar used to handle the pill at 6’4, My man/LOL(Clinton/70’s)

    4.Vern Fleming and Phil Smith(Marti Christi/70’s)
    5Boo Harvey and Ron Edwards(Jackson/80’s)

    6.World B.Free and O’Neal Tarrant(Canarsie/60/s70’s)
    7.Keith Brown and Greg(Action)Fraction(Cardoza/70’s)
    8.Pearl Washington and Elmer Anderson(Boys High/80′)
    9.Earl Nesbit and Ron Chisolm(Layfeyette/70’s)
    10. Steve Burtt and Kevin Williams(Hughes/80’s)

    Honorable Mention:
    11.Mark Jackson and James Major(Loughlin/80’s)
    12.Ty Ladson and Tommie Allen(Canarsie/70’s), The same Tommie Allen who used to mix for Kiss-FM during the 90’s, My man/LOL

    Fletch, I never had the opportunity to checkout Khalid Reeves and Derek Phelps at Christ the King during the early 90’s, Though, I’ve seen Khalid Reeves and Derek Phelps play in countless HS all-star games in 1991(Exhibit

    A:Dapper Dan Classic, McDonald’s All-American game, Metro Classic at the Capital Centre in Landover,Maryland), Etc.

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    Today, PSAL Semis, at St. John’s
    (11)Jefferson v. (2)Wings, 5pm
    (5)Curtis v. (1)Lincoln, 7pm
    Finals, Saturday, at the Garden

    Tomorrow, CHSAA Semis, at St. John’s
    Cardinal Hayes v. Bishop Loughlin, 6pm
    Stepinac v. Malloy, 8pm
    Finals, Sunday, at Fordham

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