No Hall of fame for Bob Dandridge?

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    One of the NBA’s biggest disappoints in regards to Hall of fame acceptance, Is the lack of respect to admit Bob Dandridge into the hall of fame(Facts), Bob Dan Dandridge was one of the most productive and elite players in the NBA during the 70’s and early 80’s(Facts), Along with Bob Dandridge being a 2-time NBA champion with the Milwaukee Bucks in 1970 and Washington Bullets in 1979 as well as

    Bob Dandridge attaining the status of the most productive player in playoff and championship series competition in the NBA during the 70’s(Facts), Bob Dandridge played for Maggie Walker HS in Richmond,Virginia during the early/mid 60’s, Along with Bob Dandridge playing for Norfolk State during the mid to late 60’s(Attaining All Division II honors at Norfolk State in 1967,68,69), and Bob Dandridge

    Played with Pee Wee Kirkland at Norfolk State during the mid to late 60’s too, Bob Dandridge was one of the best, “Big game”, Cats that I’ve ever seen play the game of basketball on any level(HS,AAU,College, ABA,NBA, Drug games, Etc), and in any era(Facts).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    “No Hall of fame for Bob Dandridge?

    Bob Dandridge’s NBA statistics:

    Milwaukee Bucks

    Washington Bullets
    Milwaukee Bucks
    Career highlights and awards
    2× NBA champion (1971, 1978)
    4× NBA All-Star (1973, 1975–1976, 1979)
    All-NBA Second Team (1979)
    NBA All-Defensive First Team (1979)
    NBA All-Rookie First Team (1970)
    No. 10 retired by Milwaukee Bucks
    Career statistics
    15,530 (18.5 ppg)
    5,715 (6.8 rpg)
    2,846 (3.4 apg

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    Be patient, Mike! The 70s cats are slowly getting in. (Bernard King, Spencer Haywood, George McGinnis, Mel Daniels, etc) David Stern wanted to act like the 70s and early 80s didn’t exist! But the Adam Silver era is a bit different!

    Don’t worry, these dudes below are comin’…….
    Bobby Dandridge
    Walter Davis
    Bobby Jones
    Mo Cheeks
    Andrew Toney
    Sidney Moncrief
    Marques Johnson

    As for the ‘modern cats’, if Tracy McGrady, injured damaged goods and all, can get in on first ballot, then Grant Hill’s coming right behind him…..!

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    Fletch, Tracy McGrady getting voted into the hall of fame(1st ballot at that/LOL), Would be a travesty if Shawn Kemp does not get in the hall of fame(1st ballot too, My man), Fletch, My thing with Tracy McGrady gettiin into the hall of fame is, Money(Tracy McGrady), Was not a big game cat(Though, Mad talented, Money copped to many plea’s for me to state that Tracy McGrady should have been voted into

    The Hall of fame, My man), Fletch, Do you remember the playoff series with Toronto vs Detroit in 2004, And, Toronto had a 3 games to 1 lead on Detroit, Featuring, Tracy McGrady rockin for the first 4 games, Only to pop shit about the series vs Detroit being over, Then,Tyshun Prince come off the bench to hold Tracy McGrady to, “No dribbles”, The rest of the series, That Detroit won in 7 games, My

    Man(Fess number 1 for Tracy McGrady in big games during the playoffs), Fletch, Tracy McGrady was not rockin the way that he was supposed to while Tracy McGrady was down with Houston in the backcourt with Rafer Alston during the mid 200’s to late 2000’s, My man(Money was hurt a lot, Though, With his talent, Tracy McGrady should have performed much better while with Houston, My man),

    Fletch, George McGinnis should not have been voted into the hall of fame due to George McGinnis, Not only coppin mad plea’s vs Portland during the 1977 championship series, But, The acutal fact that George McGinnis was mad hiding from the pill during the whole 6 game series vs Portland in 1977, My man(Facts/LOL), Fletch, A cats accolades and performance in big games should be the prequistes

    For hall of fame acceptance, Not just accolades and attainments, My man(Facts), Also, If it were about a cats performances in big games to get elected into the hall of fame, The hall of fame would be as empty as Yankee stadium during the mid 80’s to mid 90’s, My man(Facts/LOL).

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

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    That same Shawn Kemp who copped a plea and got his shit stuck by Mount Mutumbo in Game 5 of the 1994 West First Round? Seattle, Number 1 seed, and all (at home, at that! LOL!)? That Shawn Kemp should be enshrined…….? (LOL!)

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    Fletch, Shawn Kemp redeemed himself from coppin a plea vs Denver in the 1994 Playoff series, When, Shawn Kemp demolished the Chicago Bulls during the 1996 Championship series with Dennis Rodman(Who so many cats hail as the greatest defender of alltime/LOL), Checkin him(Do you want footage, My man/LOL), Fletch, Gary Payton copped a plea vs Denver in the 1994 first round

    Series too/LOL, Yet, Cats don’t pop that about Gary Payton’s hall of fame status being in tainted(Exhibit A:I can see Chris Jackson cracking Gary Payton’s ass mad lovely during the 1994 first round series between Denver and Seattle, But, Robert Pack, “Givin it”, To

    The best defender in the game at that time during the mid 90’s in Gary Payton is mad embarrassing, My man(Facts/LOL), Fletch, If Tracy McGrady had Kobe Bryant’s heart, Tracy McGrady could have been one of the very best cats to ever play the game of basketball(The same goes for Vince Carter), My man(Facts).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

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