Patrick Beverly talked Lonzo Ball out of his game last night/LOL.

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    Patrick Beverly was poppin mad,mad shit to Lonzo Ball from the parking leading to the arena last night/LOL, But, This is what Lonzo Ball has to go thru to prove that he is worthy of being considered nice in the NBA, Patrick Beverly’s defensive prowess remines of two cats who played in the NBA during the 70’s, The first cat is Kenny Charles(From Brownsville/Brooklyn), Who played for the Buffalo Braves during the early to mid 70’s and with the Atlanta Hawks during the mid to late 70’s,

    Kenny Charles was one of the top defenders to ever play in the NBA at the guard position(Just as tough as Walt Frazier, Gary Payton,Michael Jordan, But, Way more aggressive with his), Kenny Charles was the only cat that i’ve ever seen hold Earl Monroe to, “No Dribbles”, During the early to mid 70’s, While, Earl Monroe was down with the Knicks(Earl Monroe and Kenny Charles used to verbally go at it on the court afew times too/LOL), Hubie Brown loved Kenny Charle’s defensive

    Ability while Hubie Brown was head coach of the Atlanta Hawks during the mid to late 70’s, Kenny Charles was an honorable mention All-American at Fordham University in 1973 and a 3rd round pick for the Bufflao Braves in 1973, Playing with Bob McAdoo, Randy Smith/Rip, Garfield Heard, Jim McMillian, Etc, Kenny Charles also played at IS8(Pro-Am summer tournament in Jamaica,Queens during the early 70’s to early 80’s), With, Brooklyn USA(Coached by Rapper Perez/Rip),

    Kenny Charles was not as assertive as Patrick Beverly in regards to extermely physical play/LOL, Thoug, Kenny Charles would most definitely, “Pushup”, On a cat and get extremely physical and pop shit if it comes to that too/LOL, Ron Lee was a very physical cat in the backcourt defensively during the mid 70’s to early 80’s(Facts/LOL), Ron Lee(Left-handed cats with a mad big Fredrick Douglass/Afro/LOL), Was,2time All-american for the University of Oregon in 1975 and 1976

    and a 1st round pick(10 pick in the 1st round in 1975 for the Phoenix Suns), Ron Lee, Like, Kenny Charles, Was a, “Butcher”, To the 9th power with their’s(Facts/LOL), Though, Ron Lee did no engage in, “Poppin shit”, Ron Lee’s prowess was playing mad hard and mad wild(Money used to jump over scorer’s tables and team bench’s to get loose balls on a regular basis during the 70’s/LOL), Patrick Beverly is a combination of Kenny Charles and Ron Lee defensively and to the

    NBA’s opposing point guards, That’s not a very good thing to see for 48 minutes(Even if Patrick Berverly is getting, “Cracked”, By an opposing point guard, Patrick Beverly will continue to still, “Pop”, Mad shit”, and keep going at a cat all-night to the morning lite with his(Facts/LOL), Also, Kenny Charles used to play at IS8 with, “Track Sneakers”, On Only To prove what kind of defender Kenny Charles was during the 70’s(Facts/LOL).

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

    Patrick Beverly talked Lonzo Ball out of his game last night/LOL(Part 1).

    Patrick Beverly talked Lonzo Ball out of his game last night/LOL(Part 2).

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    “[Lavar Ball] put his son in the lion’s den with some pork chop draws on…..!”
    –Snoop Dogg

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    Fletch, Lonzo Ball played much better last night vs Phoenix(Though, That’s not saying alot, My man/LOL), Fletch, Magic, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Patrick Ewing, Ralph Sampson, Etc, All had to go thru the same process that Lonzo Ball will go thru in regards to cats trying them vocally, Physically, Mentally, Etc, And all of those cats handled the pressure of being college basketball top picks with mad notoriety and fame from the college circuit moving up to the NBA circuit(When it was

    Mad tough for alot of cats to make that transition), Exhibit A:Pearl, Dennis Hopson, Joe Barry Carroll, William Bedford, Chris Washburn, Harold Miner, Anthoney Peeler, Etc, My man, Fletch, The reason why i feel Lonzo Ball will play very well is money(Lonzo Ball), Is mad humble and Selfless(Which is un-conventional for a

    Young cat in today’s world, My man), Fletch, Money(Lonzo Ball), Accepts getting cracked by Patrick Beverly and moves on to the next game without any wavering pertaining to Lonzo Ball’s de-meanor and play during the next game vs Phoenix(Which shows alot of resolve), My man(Facts).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

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