Rest in peace Judd Heathcoate……

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    1. Michigan State, 1979

    2. Greatest 2-3 zone in college history

    3. “How the hell are you gonna stop Bird, if you can’t stop Magic?” –A heated Heathcoate getting on his players in practice before the historic game between Bird and Indiana State

    4. ’79 title game still most watched in college history…..!

    5. Magic, Sam Vincent, Steve Smith, Scott Skiles. Some not-so-bad point guards

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    Fletch, You forgot to mention that Jud Heathcoate recruited/signed and developed Michael Ray Richardson at Montana in 1974 till 1976, When Jud Heathcore bounced from Montana to Michigan State in 1976, Fletch, Jud Heathcote slowed Larry Bird down during the 1979 Championship game via Jud Heathcote having ,”16 cats”, Check Larry Bird While the rest of Indiana’s State’s crew were, “Self-Check”, My man(Facts/LOL), Fletch, Jud Heathcote

    Developed that 2-3 zone in 1977, Directed towards all of the players strength’s better than any other coach that i’ve seen design and structure a zone defense(On the low, Michigan State played NorthCarolina at North Carolina in December of 1978 on Channel 11 in New York city), The game was billed as a matchup between Magic vs Dudley Bradley who was hailed and revered at North Carolina and the College basketball circuit at the , “Secraterian of

    Defense”, In 1978/79 and Dudley Bradley held Magic to no dribbles during the game North Carolina won by 1 point on December of 1978(Facts), Fletch, That 1979 NCAA championship game changed the landscape of college basketball and that game was the precursor for bigtime matchups via opposing players like, Ralph Sampson vs Pat Ewing in 1982 that was televised nationally, My man(Facts).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

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    Fletch, Jud Heathcote missed out on recruiting and coaching Pete Davis from Brooklyn(Boys High), During the early to mid 70’s(Exhibit A:1971-1975, Pete Davis senior year), The cat who recruited and signed Pete Davis to Michigan State was Gus Ganakas(Who’s from Upstate New York), Gus Ganakas was head coach for Michigan State from 1969-1976 at Which time Jud Heathcote was hired as head coach for Michigan State(Which started Michael

    Ray Richardson’s need for male leadership and a father figure in his life, While, Jud Heathcote was head coach for Montana during the early to mid 70’s, Jud Heathcote was a father figure to Michael Ray Richardson during his days of playing for Montana and when Jud Heathcote left, That shit effected Michael Ray Richardson mad hard, My man(Facts), Fletch, Jud Heathcote allowed Magic Johnson to play the lead guard role at 6’8 and as a freshman at

    That, Which was un-heard of at the time in 1977 on the college basketball and basketball circuit, My man(Facts), Fletch, The tallest cat that i’ve ever seen play the lead guard spot on the HS basketball circuit in New York city during the earlly to late 70’s were Arnold Dugger(Clinton/Rip), Sam Worthen(Franklin K.Lane), Eddie Lee(Flushing HS in Queens), Mike Edwards(Clinton), Etc, With all of those cats being in height 6’4 and up handling the

    Pill on the HS circuit in New York City during the early to mid 70’s and to hear about a cat 6’8 cat from Michigan playing the lead guard role(Cats did not call a cat a, “Point guard”, During the early to late 70’s Until Dick Vitale coined the phrase, “Point guard”, In 1979, Which was designated for Magic Johnson while he was playing for Michigan State, My man/LOL), And,Jud Heathcote let Magic play his game without detouring and detaining Magic from

    Excelling and developing his skills and talents to flourish at Michigan State and with the Lakers during the 80’s,90’s, And i’ve always felt that cats like Jud Heathcote and Bob McKillop go un-noticed for their patience, Vision and committment to see the talents of Magic and Stephen Curry during those cats college careers, That alot of other coaches would not have seen and most definitely would have not allowed to develop(Fletch, Name me a coach who

    Would have allowed Stephen Curry to continue to play the point guard spot for Davidson after Stephen Curry had 13 turnovers in his very first college game playing the point including 7 turnovers in the 1st half and Bob MccKillop still continued to start Stephen Curry the next game and the rest of the season for Davidson in 2005, My man(Facts), Fletch, Jud Heathcote forseen the greatness and vision of Magic Johnson to allow Magic to play his game

    and we all see how far the vision that Jud Heathcote had of Magic’s talents on the basketbll court has taking Magic in his basketball career and Jud Heathcote was a very big reason for Magic’s success(And Magic will always state this bit of information), Now, Stephen Curry has to show the same type of respect for Bob McKillop for being a very big part of his basketball success too(Facts).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

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