Rest in peace Rollie Massamino……!

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    That game was EPIC…..!!!!!!!

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    My condolences to he family of Rollie Massimino, Fletch, What was very intriguing to me about that Villanova vs Georgetown game in 1985 is, As well as Villanova played in the second half(Missing 2 shots in the second half/LOL), Georgetown was right there to the very end(A turnover by David Wingate and 1 more minute left in the game and Georgetown could have been 2-time national champions, My man/LOL), Fletch, Rollie Massimino spoke at St.John’s

    Summer program during the summer of 1976(Lou Carnesecca and Rollie Massimino were mad crew, My man), And Rollie Massamino gave a lecture on shooting and having the confidence to make shots that you are comfortable taking(Which is another lost art today, With so many cats trying to score, opposed to making a play for the team to score, My man), Fletch, Rollie Massimino was a New Jersey cat who had very strong ties in New Jersey in

    Regards to recruiting(Which the majority of Villanova’s crew were from New Jersey during the 70’s,80’s, My man/Facts), Fletch, I started to watch and keep up with Villanova in 1970, When, Howard Porter(Rip), Was down(Channel 11 in New York city used to televise alot of St.John’s games during the 70’s during the week and on Saturday nights), and Howard Porter put in much work for Villanova during the late 60’s/early 70’s, Infact, Howard Porter

    Cracked UCLA’s ass(Sidney Wicks, Curtis Rowe, Henry Bibby crew), In the 1971 NCAA championship game between Villanova vs UCLA(Howard Porter was MVP of the NCAA tournament despite being on the losing crew, Rollie Massimino started out at Villanova in 1973 and did not make a name from himself until the 1976/77 season, When, Villanova had cats like Alex Bradley(6’6 cat who played the power forward spot during the mid to late 70’s), Rory

    Sparrow(We both know about this cat, Who hails from Patterson,New Jersey), Larry and Reggie Herron, etc, When, Villanova was apart of the ECAC conference(Which had games on Channel 11 during the week and on Saturdays and on channel 4 on Saturday afternoons), Fletch, Rollie Massimino’s first recruit to sign with Villanova was Stu Granger(Nazereth HS in Brooklyn in 1979), Then, Eddie Pickney(Stevenson HS in the Bronx in 1981), Then, Gary

    McClain(Hempstead HS in Hempstead,Long Island in 1981), Which gave Rollie Massimino the New York city connection that he was lacking during the 70’s at Villanova(Rollie Massimino’s recruiting base was in New Jersey and Philadelphia during the 70’s, My man), Fletch, Rollie Massimino was an vastly under-rated coach who won with lesser known cats during the 70’s and 80’s(With the exception of All-PSAL and All-American cats like Stu Granger, Eddie

    Pickney coming out of HS in 1979 and 1981), My man, Fletch, What messed things up for Rollie Massimino as far as the Villanova basketball program is, Rollie Massamino did not handle mad notoriety and pubilicity well after the NCAA championship game in 1985(The same thing that Jim Valvano went thru at North Carolina State in 1983, My man), Fletch, Rollie Massimino turned into a celebrity more than a head coach after the 1985 Championship

    Game(Money was asked to speak at lectures across the country, Which he did, In the name of the Villanova University school name, My man/LOL), Fletch, Rollie Massimino was pulled away from his team in 1985/86, Which hurt recruiting(Even though cats like Steve Lappas and Jay Wright were assistant coaches for Villanova back then during the mid 80’s to early 90’s, Those cats were very young and just starting out as assistant coaches on the

    College basketball circuit during the mid 80’s, My man(Steve Lappas was head coach for Truman HS in the Bronx during the late 70’s to 1984, At which time, Steve Lappas bounced from Truman HS in 1984, To be an assistant coach on Rollie Massimino’s staff at Villanova and Steve Lappas used to coach for Riverside Church during the early to mid 70’s via the guidance of Ernie Lorch/Rip and Kenny Williamson/Rip, and Steve Lappas coached Rod Strickland at

    Truman HS in the Bronx during the early to mid 80’s, When, Truman won the 1984 PSAL championship vs Jackson(Boo Harvey, Ron Edwards, Doug Harris) and Rod Strickland tranferred from Truman to Oak Hill during the summer of 1984, After, Steve Lappas left from Truman to be on Rollie Massimino’s staff in 1984/85, My man/Facts), Fletch, Villanova forced Rollie Massimino out at Villanova(As we all know), Though, The Villanova

    Basketball program would not have attained the succcess that it had if were not for Rollie Massimino(Who was crew with Dean Smith too, My man), Fletch, The talent on the HS circuit during the mid to late 80’s, Was no-where as good as it had been during the 70’s and early 80’s and Rollie Massimino signed very highly rated HS all-americans(Aaron Bain, Calvin Byrd, James Bryson, Kenny Wilson, Gary Massey, Eric Leslie, Anthoney Pelle, Etc), Who

    Played well, But Not up to the standards that mad cats felt that they would, Which caused the demise of Rollie Massimino’s career at Villanova during the late 80’s/early 90’s, My man(Facts), Fletch, We all know Rollie Massimino was most definitely not a good and wise fit to replace Jerry Tarkiainan at UNLV in 1992, My man.

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

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    Ed Pinkney always tells the story of how he comes back to campus, after the title, and thinks he can just walk in to see Coach Mass. But “Mass doesn’t have time, he’s shooting a Rolaids commercial,” or some shit like that!

    I wonder whether the celebrity status of Massimino affected Eric Leslie, the ’86 PSAL Player of the year outta Grady! I heard the story that Leslie was shaking them Nova cats in practice, but he still got no playing time, because Mass liked to play guards who had a slow style and “no boogie in them!” Or, it could’ve been a combo of Mass’s coaching style and celebrity that made Leslie transfer to Rhode Island, where he’s among that school’s all-time scorers!

    As for Gary McClain on the cover of SI in a sea of coke, Mass said that the school “wasn’t allowed to drug test, back then!” But can a coach, or anyone else, see signals of someone lifting the pipe? (whether one likes Reagan or not, you can’t go to the White House and give the President of the United States the two-finger jackass signal behind his head! LOL!)

    The UNLV job, I’m still rolling my head on that one! “We’re gonna run!” Yeah, ok, Rollie……! (LOL!)

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    Fletch, Rollie Massimino and Jim Valvano were two cats who achieved, Climbing, “Mount Everest”, Success on the college basketball circuit via North Carolina State and Villanova winning games that nobody thought that they would have ever achieved in 1983 and 1985 and to have that type of success out of no-where, Very few cats cannot become mad egotistical with their’s, My man/LOL, Fletch, I never

    Seen Eric Leslie play before, So, I’m just going by what you have stated about Eric Leslie on the board for the past few years, Also, Kenny Wilson had a lot of boogie in him(Maybe to much for Rollie Massimino to control, My man/LOL), While, Kenny Wilson was the starting point guard for Villanova for 4 straight years(1985-1989), Along with Kenny Wilson being a 3rd-team HS All-American out of

    St.Anthoney’s in Jersey City,New Jersey(Infact, Kenny Wilson played in the backcourt at St.Anthoney’s with Dave Rivers for Notre Dame and Kenny Wilson and Dave Rivers was the best backcourt that I’ve ever seen in HS in any era and there was plenty of, “Boogie”, Coming out of St.Anthoney’s backcourt from 1981-1984 with Dave Rivers and Kenny Wilson playing together, My man(Facts/LOL),

    Fletch, Harold Jensen was the cat who kept your man Eric Leslie on the bench for Villanova, My man(Facts), Harold Jensen was the cat who did not miss a shot during the 1985 championship game vs Georgetown(Money was 5 for 5), and Harold Jensen was the 6th man as a sophomore for Villanova in 1985, So, Harold Jensen was not getting his spot taken by a freshman from New York city, Regardless of

    How much Eric Leslie was shaking cats to the floor during practice at Villanova in the mid 80’s, My man(Facts/LOL), Fletch, I’m very sure Rollie Massamino knew Gary McClain was lift the pipe, Just like Jim Bohiem knew that Red Bruin was liftin the pipe at Syracuse(Red Bruin and Gary McClain both had mad problems ,”Liftin the pipe”, During the mid 80’s, While at school and after school on the job

    Circuit in New York city(Gary McClain worked for Solomon Brothers on Wall st during the mid to late 80’s), So, Coaches knew cats were, “Liftin the pipe”, On the college basketball circuit during the 70’s,80’s,90’s, Etc, Though, For the sake of winning games, those coaches who knew cats were, “Lifitin the pipe”, Did nothing, My man(Facts).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

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