"Saturday night, Sunday morning", By Thelma Houston(1979)

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    The plate, Saturday night, Sunday morning”, By Thelma Houston was extremely popular on the New York city dance music circuit in 1979 and thru the 80’s, “Saturday night, Sunday Morning”, Was produced by Hal Davis(Who Produced most of the early Jackson 5 plates for Motown during the early to mid 70’s and remixed by John Morales,

    Who remixed plates like, “Caught up in a one night love affair”, by Inner Life, Featuring ,Jocyeln Brown in 1979 and, “Dance and Shake your Tambourine”, By The Universal Robot Band in 1976, Though, Remixed in 1979 by John

    Morales, Who used to also mix dj sets on BLS during the late 70’s/early 80’s(BTR/Before Timmy Regisford took over in 1982).

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

    “Saturday night, Sunday Morning”, by Thelma Houston(1979)

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