Sister Sledge \"Thinking Of You\" 1984 & \"Reach Your Peak\" 1980

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    Bigscore, “Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards truley put in much work producing, “Sister Sledge”, During the late 70’s/early 80’s, “Reach your peak”, Used to get mad airplay on BLS in 1980(Though, “Thinking of you”, Was a very nice plate, I don’t recall, “Thinking of you”, Getting the airplay that, “Reach your peak”, Was getting on BLS and in the spots on the New York city dance music circuit during the mid 80’s(Facts), Bigscore, I’ve always felt that Sister Sledge’s best dance music plate was,

    “Lost in Music”, In 1979, Produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, Though, Plates by Sister Sledge like, “Caught in the middle”, Which was written by Patrick Adams and Faye Hauser in 1975, “You fooled around”, From 1980, “All-American girls”, Produced by Narada Michael Walden in 1981, “Got to love somebody today”, Produced by Chic in 1980, Etc, Were very nice plates too(Bigscore, I’ve always despised, “We are family”, and, “He’s the Greatest Dancer”, By Sister Sledge,

    Because of the mad commerical feel both plates had during the 70’s(Exhibit A:Shit that was not getting no airplay at the spots that i was frequenting on the New York city dance music circuit and if a cat would run, “We are family”, And, He’s the greatest dance”, I was off the dancefloor, No matter how fine the young lady i was dancing with was(Facts/LOL), Also, Luther Vandross, Diva Grey(Extremely well-respected session singer during the 70’s,80’s,Etc), and Norma Jean Wright(Former

    Lead vocalist for Chic during the mid/late 70’s), Were all involved on the, “We are family”, album in 1979 as session singers(Bigscore, Luther Vandross used to jump on mad cats projects as session singer during 70’s and even when Luther Vandross was making platinum hits during the 80’s, My man/LOL), Also, On the low/LOL, Kathy Sledge dedicated the plate, “He’s the greatest dancer”, To Mario Van Peebles, Via, Kathy Sledge and Mario Van Peebles dating during the late

    70’s(Facts/LOL), Bigscore, Sister Sledge is another group that i would have loved to see work with Ashford and Simpson and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis or even Francios and Boyd Jarvis, Marshall Jefferson on the dance music(House music), End during the 80’s/90’s, Bigscore, Bernard Edward and Nile Rodgers used to bring Sister Sledge to spots like Studio 54, Bentley’s,Pippins, Leviticus, Pegasus,The Starship, Etc, During the late 70’s(That’s how Kathy Sledge met Mario Van Peebles,

    Who used to hang at the Garage, Continental Baths, Melon’s, Reade St, Better Days, Tribeca’s, Etc, During the mid 70’s to mid 80’s, While, Mario VanPeebles was working as an Budget analyst on Wall st during the late 70’s/early 80’s(Brefore the film career took off with, “Heartbreak Ridge”, With Clint Eastwood in 1986), On the low, Clint Eastwood played a very important role in Mario Van Peebles securing the director’s role in, “New Jack city”, In 1981, Clint Eastwood was crew with

    The studio President of Warner Brothers Studio’s and Clint Eastwood put in a very good word for Mario Van Peebles to secure that director’s spot for, “New Jack city”, In 1991, Also, Mario Van Peebles graduated from Columbia University in 1978, I used to see Mario Van Peebles at games at Columbia University during the late 70’s(I used to hang uptown/Harlem going to Columbia University games when Ricky Free played for Columbia University during the mid to late 70’s0, Ricky

    Free was a 1st Team All-PSAL cat out of Boys High in 1975, Playing for Frank Mickens, Who i was cool with going back to Frank Mickens being a basketball counselor at Walt Frazier’s basketball camp at Upsala College in East Orange,New Jersey in 1974 and 1975 and Mario Van Peebles used to sometimes go to the Columbia University’s games during the early to late 70’s.

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    “You fooled around”, By Sister Sledge(Produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards/1980)

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