"The Original 7ven story(The Time Documentary/2017)

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    Greg T keeps throwing me jewels like this documentary on The Time(Which is mad informative and extremely Funny/LOL), Things that stand-out in, “The Times Documentary”, How Prince told Jessie Johnson that, “You will never hear about Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis again”, After Prince cancelled Jimmy-Jam and Terry Lewis from the

    Time in 1983/LOL, Also, Jimmy Jam telling Martin Luther King The III, That he would have to get out of the room for smoking a pipe in their room that he shared with Jessie Johnson(Exhibit A:Jessie Johnson, “Yo Jimmy, That’s Martin Luther King the III smoking the pipe, Jimmy Jam, “I don’t give a fuck if it’s King Tut, That MF’s gonna have to

    Get the fuck out our room”. Also, Alexander O’Neal telling Prince that he needed more paper to buy a house and car at a meeting with the whole group of the Time at a Resturant and after Alexander O’Neal tells Prince that he needs

    More paper to buy a house and car, Alexander O”Neal starts to eat his food without saying another word at which point Prince fires Alexander O”Neal from the Time in 1980/LOL.

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    “The Original 7ven”(The Time Documentary/2017)

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