"Tonight", by Steve Harvey(1983)

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    The plate, “Tonight”, Was vastly under-rated on the New York city dance music circuit in 1983(Timmy Regisford was the first cat that i recall runnin, “Tonight”, By Steve Harvey at a spot called, “Area”, On Hubert st and Hudson st(Which later became the Shelter in 1991 and Timmy Regisford used to run, “Tonight”, On

    BLS/Mixshow on Saturday nites), “Tonight”, Was produced by Steve Harvey(Not the comedian Steve Harvey/LOL), and, “Tonight”, was co-produced by Jimmy Gillen
    and our very own Francios K(I truely miss his knowledge on the deephousepage board these days/Facts.

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

    “Tonight”, By Steve Harvey(1983)

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