Unsung(Eddie Kendricks/08/22/17)

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    Tv-one, Unsung, Has a very informative,Enlightening and very sad documentary on the life of Eddie Kendricks, Things that I did not know about Eddie Kendricks, Diana Ross, “Getting it up straight”, With Eddie Kendricks, While, Eddie Kendricks was married, Rick James being the nephew of Melvin Franklin and Rick James producing the Temptations, “Reunion Tour”, Album in 1981, Also, Norman

    Whitfield most definitely upgraded The Temptations sound with the plate, “Cloud 9”, In 1969, Along with Dennis Edwards upgrading the Temptations vocals by replacing Dennis Edwards in 1969 too, Afew things that were not mentioned in the documentary, The impact that the song, “Girl you need a change of mind”, Had on the dance music circuit in 1972 via the changes in tempo, Melody and harmony’s

    That, Eddie Kendricks layed down over the production of the plate(Which was produced by Frank Wilson and Leonard Caston in 1972),
    Also, Norman Harris(Trammps,MFSB), Produced 2 plates called, “Going up in smoke”, And, He’s a Friend”, By Eddie Kendricks in 1976 That were extremely thought-provoking and inspiring, Though, Dance oriented that will always be classics on the dance music circuit

    (Along with, “Girl you need a change of mind), Also, Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin appeared on the song and video to, “Sun city”, Which was a protest song against Apartheid in 1985, Sun city was produced by Steven Van Zandt and the video to, “Sun city”, Was Directed by Jonathan Demme(Silence of the lambs), In 1985.

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    “Cloud 9”, By The Temptations(1969)

    “Girl you need a change of mind”, By Eddie Kendricks(1972)

    “Going up in smoke”, By Eddie Kendricks(1976)

    “He’s a Friend”, By Eddie Kendricks(1976)

    “Sun city”, By Artists United Against Apartheid (1985)

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