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    Unsung had a very informative documentary on Shanice Wilson this past August, Shanice builds about her career in the music business, her marriage to Flex Alexander(Who hails from Douglass Projects on 104thst and Amsterdam ave in Harlem), In 2000 till today, Shanice and Flex’s financial difficulties due to bankruptcy in 2012, Etc, I’ve always had the utmost of respect for Shanice Wilson in

    Regards to standing on principal and not allowing the music industry executives to guide, Direct or coerce Shanice into developing a career in the music business based on image, Opposed to talent(Which cats like Jheryl Busby, LA Reid and Babyface), Wanted her to adhere too during the 90’s, I have to dis-agree with someone in the documentary who stated that Shanice was the precursor for singers

    Like, Monica, Aliyah, Brandi(Exhibit A:Young Black female singers looked upon as child prodigies), When the young lady who was heavily looked upon as a child prodigy in the music business when it comes to vocal talent was Stacy Lattisaw at the age of 14 during the early 80’s and i take it further than that by stating that Stephanie Mills was the precursor for so many young black female singers going

    Back to 1973, When, Stephanie Mills was the opening act for the Isley Brothers in 1970(At the age of 13), And, Stephanie Mills signed her first recording contract in 1975 at the age of 18, One of my favorite plates by Shanice Wilson is, “I like”, Remixed by the Masters at

    Work in 1992, Shanice is one of the truely gifted singers to ever sing, To never attain the success that she most definitely should
    Have had(Along with Tawatha Agee, Jean Carn, Angela Winbush, Lisa Fisher,Vesta Williams, Micki Howard, Angela Bofill, Etc).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes


    “I like”, by Shanice Wilson(Masters at work remix/1994)

    “It’s you”, by Shanice Wilson( On, “The Meteor man”, Soundtrack/1993)

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    Sista Shanice can blow! I always loved her singing!

    Although Stacy Lattisaw came before her, Shanice blows circles around Stacy Lattisaw! I saw Stacy, live! (opening up for the Jacksons Triumph Tour, in 1981!). Stacy was not great, live!

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    Shanice is definitely talented, and grounded. My first time hearing hearing her was a song she did with the singing group Kiara called “This Time.” Seeing how young she was, I thought she’d blow up like Stephanie Mills did, and be a force for a long time. It’s sad that she was singing in an era when they wanted young r&b female singers to appear in videos half-naked.

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    Fletch, Though, Shanice was more talented than Stacy Lattisaw, Stacy Lattisaw was mad young(Exhibit A:12 years of age making plates on the Cottilion label and working with Narada Michael Walden at the age of 16 years of age), In the early 80’s(The only young ladies i knew of that were making plates at a very young age during the 70’s and early 80’s, Before, Stacy Lattisaw were Evelyn King, Stephanie Mills, Janice McClain(Who mad the plate, “Smack dab in the middle”, In 1979 at

    The age of 15), Me’Lisa Morgan(Who was making plates with a group called, “Business before Pleasure”, Out of Queens,New York in 1978 at the age of 15 years of Age), Etc, Fletch, To open for the Jackson’s at the age of 15,Is more than likely why Stacy Lattisaw did not sound great the night that you seen her perform with the Jackson’s in 1981, My man.

    Much respect
    Mike Barnes

    “Smack dab in the middle”, By Janice McClain(1979)

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