VA – Tzinah Under-Grande Session Three [TZH090]

  • September 27, 2017 at 2:44 PM #5195
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    Time passes, music comes closer and closer, and ‘Under-Grande’ tunes find their dancing area in our hearts, at the end of a hot-hot summer. With few resident artists like iON, Corsu or Petar Milicevic, this VA again, brings to your ears new up-and-coming artists and new faces to our label: Bryz, Metafore, Chrivu, Senoo, Giovanni Agugiaro, Danielle Nicole, Pierre C and Lurre. Under-Grooves, chilled melodies or breath-taking songs this is VA – Tzinah Under-Grande Session Three from Tzinah with Love.

    VA – Tzinah Under-Grande Session Three [TZH090] incl. iON, Corsu, Petar Milicevic, Bryz, Metafore, Chrivu, Senoo, Giovanni Agugiaro, Danielle Nicole, Pierre C and Lurre is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia, Cesare vs Disorder, Mihai Popoviciu, Jorge Savoretti, David Gtronic, Faster, Alexander Kyosev, Brett Jacobs, Varoslav, Hermanez, Alessio Colina, Camiel Daamen, Jamie Lie a Kwie, Rossko, Sandro Kuhne and many more! Thank you!

    Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
    Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
    Danny Tenaglia: thanks!!
    Audiofly: Lovely Lovely :)
    Cesare vs Disorder: good comp, will try a few from here.thanks
    Mihai Popoviciu: senoo is cool for me!
    Jorge Savoretti: lovin’ the time time traveller here!
    David Gtronic: Very nice VA! “Hei” and “Pastel” are my fav!
    Faster: Great VA! Thank you!
    Alexandar Kyosev: some lovely tracks here. thanks!
    Brett Jacobs: Some nice ones here, Senoo track is my pick from a good bunch! Thanks
    Varoslav: nice various artists names .good housy vibez .thx!
    Hermanez: Such a great release again, thanks !
    Alessio Collina: tracks 3,4 and 5 for me thxxx
    Camiel Daamen: Oh wow! Some amazing music here, beautiful compilation Dan!
    Rossko: solid!
    Sandro Kuhne: some good ones here! thx
    Jamie Lie A Kwie: Time Traveller is amazing!!!
    Edground: Very nice compilation. I really like the groove and percussion in some tracks.
    Jason Hodges: svadhisthana is fresh
    Petar Cvetkovic: big, thank you
    Mihai Pol: bryz for me
    Suolo: metafore for me. thx
    Primarie: smoothy grooves
    Little Hado: nice one ! thanks
    Olivian Nour: Thanks for the music!
    He Did: thank you! awesome release
    Lixir: amazing BRYZ THANKS!
    Mau.: super pack ! love Pastel and time traveler . thanks
    Costin Rp: thanks
    Sebastian Paiza: Another strong VA by Tzinah
    Vygo: Nice collection! Thanks a lot!
    IULY.B: Nice track from Senoo
    Clara Da Costa: Liking Jaguar Life and Ne Scaparea. Will support on Jack’s House, Ibiza Sonica Radio
    Plusculaar: nice music, thanks
    Maertz: Really nice compilation, iON is the one for me. I will play for sure. Thanks!!!
    KiRiK: I like selections ! Will play
    vlf: great compilation
    Saboar: Chrivu Feelings, Time traveller go as favs, nice soulful selection as far as I can tell, will listen to all of them fo sho’. Thank You!
    Dragutesku: Foarte bune piesele, Multumesc.
    Podime: Ion and Corsu are for me, super tracks!
    Trik: It’s a very nice VA! Thank you and keep it up! I really Like iON, Giovanny and Pierre C.
    M-Phunk: Nice tracks, will play them for sure !
    Haydn: some lovely stuff here !! senoo my fav, lovely stuff m support!
    Gorbani: great Va. Will play for sure.
    Petit Batou: Really nice VA, “Between” , “Jaguar Life” and “Time Traveller” are my fav Thank you!
    Steve: Chrivu for the win!
    Yaroslav Lenzyak: Thank , like this v/a
    sossa: nice release full support
    Vincent Casanova: Clean, warm vibes- super awesome!
    M-Phunk: Thanks !
    Kristijan S: nice
    Bronxy: Awesome package!
    Louiv: Amazing VA!
    Gri: Nice tracks, thanks!
    Exander: Great VA – Chrivu – Feelings for me
    Jhobei: Perfect VA. Massive fan of Time Traveller. Big track! Thanks :)
    Scopter: good music, will play
    Nova Caza: Great release Thanx Nova caza
    Arthus: amazing VA, thanks! my favorite “Time Traveller”
    GhostHorse: Nice VA! thanks
    Sossa: nice release full support
    Corsu: Great VA ! BRYZ and Senoo for me ! good job ! thank you ))
    Osvit Good VA! Thanks)
    Sossa: nice release full support
    Rods Novaes: Great VA. thanks for sending!
    Cheise: Nice VA ! Thanks
    Mito FLMB: Another great release. Thanks tzinah
    Metafore: nice tracks Thank you !
    Franco y Gael: only good stuff as always thnx much love to tzinah !!!
    Jack Cheler: muito bom este VA, tem varias musicas que irei tocar com certeza um carinho especial por Corsu – Between
    Core: good job :)
    Giacomo Greppi: Thx !!
    Millidiu: BRYZ, CORSU and Pierre C for me, Awesome!! Full support.
    Nino (AltroVerso): playlist in altroverso


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