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    The name Winston Jones is not very known to those on the dance music circuit of today, Though, The music of Winston Jones is well-known via the classic dance music plates that Winston Jones has produced, Written, Etc, During the 80’s,90’s(Facts), Winston Jones was the second cat to work with the Colonel(After Boyd Jarvis in 1983), To make the plate, “Music is the answer”, on the Streetwise label in

    1984(Which put the Colonel in the position to get a record deal thru MCA records and Jheryl Busby(Rip), in 1985, With the help of Timmy Regisford who would work as A/R for MCA during the mid 80’s to late 80’s), Winston Jones also produced more than a few dance music classics like, “Motherland”, By Tribal House, ” in 1990, Memories”, By Carolyn Harding in 1986, “Ma foom Bey”, in 1987, Etc,

    Along with Winston Jones co-producing plates with his man Paul Simpson during the early to late 80’s, Like, “Use me, Loose me”, in 1982, “The Magic, The moment”, By Subject, “Celebrate”, by Subject”, “Don’t it be crack”, by Clausell,Etc, Winston Jones’s name is not

    Well-known on the Dance music circuit of today, Though, The music of Winston Jones is extremely well-respected on the Dance music circuit of yesteryear and today too(Facts).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    “Music is the answer”, By The Colonel(1984)

    “Memories”, By Carolyn Harding(1986)

    “Movin on”, by Carolyn Harding(1987)

    “Ma Foom Bey”, By Cultural Vibe(1987)

    “Motherland”, by Tribal house(1990)

    “Use me, Loose me”, By Paul Simpson Connection(Co-produced by Winston Jones and Paul Simpson in 1982)

    “The magic, The Moment”, By Subject(Co-Produced by Winston Jones and Paul Simpson in 1985)

    “Celebrate”, By Subject(C-Produced by Paul Simpson and Winston Jones in 1986)

    “Don’t let it be crack”, by Claussell(Produced by Winston Jones in 1986)

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